Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kobe "TheRapist" Bryant

The spoiled brat prince of the NBA has just edged Terrell Owens out as the biggest scumbag in professional sports.

I want the ball. I wanna score all the points.

Shaq gone to the Heat. Phil was let go. A new list of pass-to-Kobe-first underacheivers enlisted to kiss Kobe's butt.

Kobe miss playoffs. Kobe's dream isn't what he wanted. Kobe tells Mr. Buss that he should get his daughter to use her feminine powers over Phil to tell Phil to come back...since he is the only reputable coach that could take the job since the only other applicants were three season ticket holders, a homeless guy named Ned-meister, and Jack Nicholson.

Kobe's team still sucks...the simple reason is no one has bent Kobe over their knee and beat the hell out of the brat.

Now, after a rough week of Shaq once again proving his value truly stands head and shoulders above the brat's, getting in a scuffle with one of the underacheivers who replaced the man that Kobe cannot win without, then throwing one of the most blatant, childish, dangerous, cheapest elbows in the history of mankind to a no name point guard who accidentally cut the rapist's eyebrow.

THEN, he dares to complain about a two-game suspension?

That elbow, delivered 1/2 inch lower, could have caused serious damage to the young point guard's adam's apple, possibly injuring or breaking the larnyx. The elbow was blatant. It was intended to cause harm.

Flagrant fouls happen. Players make mistakes. Flagrant fouls are called when a player is overzealous when they commit a foul on a player. Kobe has been on the recieving end of a couple flagrants. The foul was called. Free throws were shot. The game went on. There were no suspensions because the flagrant foul call was enough...the punishment fit the crime at that point.

This crime...the elbow to the throat of an opponent...was malicious in its intent and execution. The tape clearly shows Kobe aiming and delivering an elbow shiver to the chin/throat area of the player's body. There was no attempt to mask the elbow. It was a straight up mugging...something even flag-worthy on a football field.

And Kobe dares to question the suspension?

Kobe is lucky, first that he is not in prison thanks to idiot fans who did everything they could to violate the privacy of the accuser and put pressure on her until she dropped the charges. Second, he is lucky that two games is ALL his over-paid spoiled rear end is losing. Third, he is very lucky that this player was okay. As I said, and inch off the mark and this guy might not talk again...or worse.

And Kobe dares to question the suspension?

Kobe is a spoiled kid who consistanly gets his way because he can play some ball. He is rich and can play ball. So, the world is his. How dare David Stern live up to his last name and punish a star like dare you David Stern. Kobe is a dynomite dare you punish him for what he did. Him beign able to put the ball in the basket and sell tickets and jerseys puts him above the law and above decency.

Actually...Kobe, TO, Latrell "I Can't Feed My Family on 9 Million a Year" Spreewell, and all these other babies can go play ball on a distant island with no cameras and no media to kiss their asses.

Give me more Tim Duncan. More Emeka Okafur. Give me more Reggie Millers and Larry Birds and Michael Jordans and Magic Johnsons and Donovan McNabbs. More AC Greens and Warrick Dunns. Give me more athletes that fit the descriptions and definitions of role-model...class...respect...integrity...maturity.

Why can't the media keep the mics on these type of people?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Few News Items...

This has been a news-busy December. Quite a bit of controversey has eaten up the pages of newspapers throughout the world. So, let me take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel Aire.

First, let's talk about Tookie. Stanley Williams. A convicted murderer. The founder, or one of the founders, of the deadly gang the "Cryps." Williams' death is the result of his crimes and the law of the land. The same people who want crime stopped will fight to the bitter end to save the life of one of the men most responsible for the amount of crime in LA. Women, who would be raped, robbed, and or murdered by the same thugs who run under the flag that Williams raised in the name of the Cryps, cried for him and his death. People accused Governor Swartzennegger of injustice. Yet, no where on the broad scope of our "unbiased" media did we see or hear the stories of the families torn apart by the four murders Tookie committed...nor did we hear a lot about how much terror and crime Tookie's boys are responsible for. Tookie claimed to be reformed and remorseful, yet never admitted responsibility for the crimes for which he was supposedly reformed and remorseful about. He never helped police arrest or convict any of his fellow criminals. All he did was create a few children's books. Woop-dee-doo. Justice was served. Stop crying for the sentence of a convicted killer. Cry for the slaughter of innocent babies.

Another battle is the politics over Iraq. Yes we are spending money. Yes, unfortunately, we are losing lives. Yes, war is hell and sucks. However, this is a war we needed to win and dominate to prevent the middle east from becoming a coalition of civilization-hating radicalists whose sole purpose in life is to kill Americans. We are winning this war. Iraq has had 3, not one, not two, but THREE...yes, count 'em, THREE free elections this year. Afghanistan is under the control of a democratic government...something liberal naysayers had said would never work. We are winning the wars in the middle east. We are winning in Iraq. Yet, you liberal weiners fight tooth and nail to demoralize our troops and accuse them of torture. Torture is begging for your life for a camcorder then having your head sawed off. Torture is not having to be stripped naked and women's underwear on your head. Torture is not gaining 5 pounds and leaving a prison healthier than when you arrived. To all liberals who are against our president and the war in Iraq, shut up. You lose. (Isn't it funny that the words of the liberals end up being repeated verbatim by people like Saddam and Al Zarqawi?)

Next is the "spying" controversy. The Bush administration, not much differently than the inept Clinton regime, listened in on calls between people in America and people on foreign soil. The calls were listened in to on the foreign end. Yet, you dumb liberals had to foil Bush at the potential expense of American lives. Let's expose a method of counter-terrorism that might prevent a terrorist attack for our own gain. The "spying" is looking at potential TERRORISTS and not trying to steal Grandma's secret recipe for brown beans. They are listening in on conversations between people who fit the description and patterns of the 19 murderers who killed 3000 people on 9-11-01. If you are a white, middle-aged male with 4 kids and a mortgage, chances are slim that you are even going to make a call to Afghanistan that would be listened in on. So, stop over-dramatizing the situation and claim the big, bad Bush Administration is spying on AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! State the facts: our government is seeking to find out intel about people with terrorist ties. You have nothing to hide? Then there is nothing to worry about.

Finally, as this blog is getting rather long and should be broken into chapters, let me say that the ACLU has outlived its usefulness. It is a shell of its original design. It is an extremist group of people out to make a name for itself at the expense of innocent people. To them, I hope they all get something other than coal for Christmas...maybe the "exhaust" from the deer-powered sleigh that Santa drives?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

From D.C. to Baghdad: LET FREEDOM RING!

Free at last, free at last, good God, Almighty, we are free at last!

I am not sure how to translate that into Arabic, but that is the thought and sentiment being shared in Iraq this day. Martin Luther King, Jr., may have meant a different freedom in a different time, but I feel that there are about 20 million Iraqi people who are feeling, if not saying, very similar sentiments today.

Despite the whinings and defeatist ideas from the left, the Iraqis reported to have their fingers dyed and voted cast in the third...yes, count 'em, three!...FREE elections today.

In less than 12 months, Iraq has held its third consecutive successful election. With their fingers dyed purple, the Iraqi people bravely took to the polls, risking life and limb, to vote.(Sadly, some of us won't risk getting wet because it is raining on election day.) However, the people of Iraq are just over 2 years removed from the complete removal of Saddam and his terrorist regime, and they are in the middle of a successful development of a free, democratic republic. Thank you, troops, for making the world safer for not only these Iraqis, but us as well.

Thank you to our troops, the troops of the coalition, the brave leadership from the US White House and the Tony Blair administration.

Merry Christmas to our soldiers fighting overseas who won't be home to celebrate.

This blog typed in a color similar to that of the dye on the fingers of the Iraqi voters today to show my support.
Let freedom ring, Let the white dove sing
Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning!
Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong!
Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay!
It's Independence Day!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Justice is Served

However, too many ignorant, bleeding-heart, kill-the-unborn-but-not-murderers-or-terrorists, misguided liberals are out on the war path. With their ultimate trump cards: RACE!! INJUSTICE!! DEATH PENALTY IS WRONG!!, these idiots cry for the soul of Stanley Tookie Williams, yet not a tear of theirs was shed for the four people, including one child, who were murdered in cold blood by Williams. Not one tear was shed by these protestors for the violence, crime, and murder that the Cryps have caused since Williams helped found the domestic-terrorist gang. Not a tear was shed for the families who lost so much in 1979.

Instead, we had these idiots crying themselves into convulsions over an event that can be summarized in one word. A word that is rare these days, especially in California, and especially when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals gets involved. This word...this word, my friends, is JUSTICE.

Above is the chamber in which the lethal injection was performed. It is a clean, quiet, peaceful environment. Tookie did not die alone, face-down on a cold floor with his brains oozing out of his head.

To me, the death of Williams is bittersweet. Sweet only in the fact that the families who lost so much now have a sense of closure. Sweet in the fact that perhaps, just maybe, there will be one or two souls motivated to quit, or, even better, never to join, the Bloods or the Cryps.
It is bitter in the fact that yet one more heart is no longer beating as a direct result of Williams' life and the path he took in that life. One more beating heart stopped because Tookie could not motivate himself to make the world better. Instead, he chose crime and violence, and has paid the price for that poor choice.

Four people did not make such bad choices. They did not get a last wish or a peaceful death. They were shot in cold blood. Their last gasps for air were made fun of by the shooter. They had no last meal. They had no last chance for redemption.

Yet, who cries for them? And why are people crying for Williams?

Below, an anti-Tookie protestor at the execution holds up the autopsy photo of Yee-Chen Lin. Lin was one of Tookie's victims. Yet, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the race-baitors forget the victims of Tookie's crimes and violence. The photo is gruesome, but makes a point. With the lethal injection, Tookie's family was able to have an open-casket funeral. The victims' families could not.

The fact is that Stanley Williams is answering to a higher power for his crimes. He is directly responsible for countless acts of violence and countless crimes. His impact on society will ripple for generations.

And, if he had truly reformed, why did he not help police in finding and stopping other criminals? If he was remorseful, why did he never admit his guilt? How can you be innocent and at the same time be remorseful and reformed?

I hate that a man, a mother's son, is dead. However, I am glad that justice is served.

About Me...And This Blog Site...

My name is David A. Ebert, the oldest of two siblings produced by my parents, Leah and David G. Ebert. We are all Republicans, but I take it a toke or two...well, closer to 10 tokes...further than my parents,

I am very much a Right Wing Conservative. I am a Reagan Conservative. I believe Americans, in general, are smarter than elected officials in Washington, DC. We should be more in charge than the Government.

We, as individuals and families, should have more responsibility over our own, hard-earned money and not send more and more and more taxes to the out-of-touch politicians. I believe the government is there to serve us, and not us to serve them.

I believe in America's greatness and that, overall, we are the most generous, forgiving, intelligent, and genuinely decent country in the world. I also believe that we are the most powerful nation in the history of the world, but do not use that power to hold over the collective heads of other nations.

I believe that low taxes, intelligent spending of those tax revenues, strong initiatives on defense and education, and small government influence on the day-to-day lives of Americans are some of the most important ideals related to how the US should be operated.I believe in the freedoms granted by the US Constitution. I believe that judges should uphold and interpret the laws as written in the US Constitution, and not refer to any foreign legislation to make their historic decisions.

I believe the First Amendment, as well as the entire Bill of Rights, are the most important laws this world has ever seen.

I believe abortion is WRONG. I believe that homosexuality is WRONG. I believe that allowing anyone to publicly debate the possibility of lowering the age of consent, especially for young boys to consent to older men, is a tragedy of morality. I believe that organizations like NAMBLA should be publicly shunned and not given a platform to spew their harmful and dangerous rhetoric.

I believe there is a sad lacking in the ability of our nation to appreciate and accept self responsibility. We, as a nation, blame daddy, racism, sexism, classism, mommy, the mean teacher, the mean little league coach, the loud mouthed uncle, the financial status of the neighborhood in which we grew up in, and a million and one other reasons why we do not succeed. How often do we, as a nation, take the blame for our own mistakes? How often do you hear someone accept responsibility for their own mistakes? How often?

I am conservative. I am worried about the future of the country and the planet, especially if O-BOMB-A or Billary Clinton make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will start posting my fears, my hopes, my ideas as they all relate to news and politics. I hope to open some eyes and change some opinions with my writings. Most of all, I hope you will read my words and be inspired to find the truth...and not rely on Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman or Katie Couric or Matt Lauer for your opinions. I hope you will break the mold and do something something that O-BOMB-A and Billary are afraid of you doing...


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