Sunday, September 17, 2006

Liberal Ignorance

Appearantly, calling for a renewed focus on upholding the laws of our sovereign land is racist.

Wanting to rid the US of illegal immigrants is bigoted.

On May 1, 2006, I posted a blog about the national walk-out by many Hispanics. The theory was the walk-out would demonstrate the importance of illegal aliens to our economy. Nice theory except the walk-out included MOSTLY legal citizens, including many liberal WHITES.

My blog attacked that walk-out and called for tighter borders and for people who wanted to be a part of the US to go through the proper channels.

Somehow a call to follow and strengthen the enforcement of LAW is racist. I still do not grasp the logic. Now, the question is, what inspired this blog about a 4 month old blog? The following response to my blog typed today will show you my inspiration.

This is the exact response, word for word, cut and paste exactly as posted, typos included.:

I understand now that you are a very sick individual who is not only ignorant to life but a bigot with no moral values what so ever. I stumbled across your page today and so far I find you to be a racist, a bigot and someone with no moral values what so ever.

You are now encouraging everyone who reads your words to go out and shoot someone, but direct this mostly to immigrants. Are you aware Mr. "I have a college degree" that everyone in America is a immigrant except for the Native American of which you are not one of? Do you suggest that we just go around and eliminate everyone unless they have blond hair and blue eyes, which again would not include you.

You make claim to having a degree from college and I wonder just which university of higher learning taught you all of these values? You claim to be from West Virginia; however there must be another one because I was never brought up to hate other races.

Our country was founded on protest; take the Boston tea party as a great example. In this country people have rights to protest and boycott without fear of someone gunning them down. This right is not found in other countries but our rights are etched in the Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution.

Today I have found so much hate in all your words for all you post. In college they should have taught you how civilized people sit down and discuss issues and find a peaceful resolution to them. It was not too many years agao that dr. Martin Luther King lead peaceful marches though out the south to gain civial rights for the blacks. Blacks who protested were shot, killed whipped and beaten. Blacks were treated unfair and though peaceful methods things changed in the south.

Do you fear change? Do you condone violence as the way to resolve this issue? Your words rightfully could inside violence and result in death should anyone take you serious. I will once again suggest that you select your words with the up most caution and place your anger and violence where no one could read it as not to act upon it. Your words could cause another columbine, or an act as the one committed by timothy McVeigh or even the World Trade center.

I strongly feel you are a threat to our homeland security and should be closely monitored for fear of what you may do with the anger you seem to hold on to. Please seek immediate help from a professional mental heath counselor for your own good ant the welfare of others you may come in contact with.

Posted by chip on Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 8:20 PM

Incredible. On some levels, I am flattered because this kook thinks I have enough influence to encourage someone on to go out and shoot someone. For anyone with any sense, they know that the line about "Trespassers will be shot" is a tongue-in-cheek remark, much like when Rush Limbaugh claims to have "talent on-loan from God!" or claims to be "America's REAL anchorman," an obvious rib or a famous liberal "news" anchor (news in " " because liberals do not report "news," but propaganda and lies and spin, see Dan Rather forged document story...).

So, I am flattered that my little old blog has that much influence. Thank you, Harold.

Now, to the more serious issue purported by a bitter person. This is the matter of me being full of hate, being a bigot, and being racist. In communications classes, I learned that publishing lies such as this is called LIBEL, but I won't sue. I will merely point out the idiocy of people like this.
First, I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with any man, woman, or child of any race, religion, sexual orientation, or origin. I may not agree with parts of their lifestyle, but in AMERICA we can actually disagree and move on with our lives.

I have no problems with, and actually welcome, people of all walks and origins and races and creeds to my country. It is a great country. But first, ask permission. We are a sovereign land with boundaries, laws, and millions of people waiting in line to become a citizen legally. So, why should you get to cut in line because you know how to sneak inside our borders? As in my own home, I would welcome anyone who is looking for a better life. Just have the respect for me and my land to ask to come in the front door and don't try to climb in the back window.

Yet, I am racist because I ask immigrants to come to my home legally and properly. How so? Really. Explain it to me.

I never told anyone to shoot anyone. I didn't say shoot immigrants. I said there might be a warning, "Beware: TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT." A tongue-in-cheek remark as stated previously. However, the key word in the sentence is "trespassers." Is the word "trespasser" assigned to one race or nationality? Did I miss something? If so, should I stop saying "forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me" because the word trespass is a racist term? Hmmm.

Now, to address the funniest part of this rambled response.

This paragraph cracks me up:

I strongly feel you are a threat to our homeland security and should be closely monitored for fear of what you may do with the anger you seem to hold on to. Please seek immediate help from a professional mental heath counselor for your own good ant the welfare of others you may come in contact with.

I am a threat to homeland security. WOW!!!!!!! From the desk in my home on a free website where I have less that 10 people a day looking at my blogs, my call for a tightening of our borders is a threat to homeland security. I hold on to so much anger...I might...just...WRITE ANOTHER BLOG!!!! Oh, my GOD!!! HELP US ALL!!!! Somebody please take the keyboard from my hands. Someone call the FBI, CIA, DOD, NSA, IRS, ASPCA, NCAA, RSVP, and anyone else that can help. I just might voice an opinion that my mom, dad, and a few friends may read.

Who in the heck gave me the right to free speech? Who would let someone of a conservative mindset that wants secure borders and people to come to my home LEGALLY and with PERMISSION use a right granted by the US Constitution (and guarenteed, sometimes in blood, by the US Soldier)???

Harold, grow up. You demonstrate what is wrong with the country and what is wrong with liberals. You freak out over something your ignorance took out of context while missing the entire point. You're the type of person whining about your privacy when the government is tapping in to terrorist phone calls. The only way its a violation of your privacy is if you are on the line with a terrorist. You're the kind that wants rights and protections and an easy lifestyle for terrorists in our prisons. The people who would kill you and your children and grandchildren are the ones you cry about and scream about if they get a splinter, yet you hit the mute button or turn the channel and forget it when a US citizen has their head sawed off by the cousin of the jerk we have in jail in Gitmo.

Enjoy your freedoms. Enjoy your country while you have it. Lord knows, if liberals ran the country...well, the US would be run from Kabul by now....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Ago...

Five years ago today, I was sitting at the controls of WWJD Eagle 91.7 FM, Alice Lloyd's college radio station. My friend Aaron Goff and I were hosting a morning show and just having a good time trying to entertain. At a little past 9 am, we get word that the World Trade Centers are on fire.

We start to watch the news. We see plane number 2 hit. We see the split screen where a plane has hit the Pentagon, but at first we thought it was just a different view of what is going on. The whole time we are so confused. What is going on? Then, the tower fell. Then the second. I knew that we were at war.

I was sad. I was confused. I was pissed off. I was running in circles wanting to help. What could I do? Drive to DC or NYC and just pitch in? Here is the greatest tragedy in American history and I am powerless to help.

There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't think about that day and the anger, rage, sadness, and fear I felt. Being a child of the 1980's, the movie Red Dawn kept playing in my head. I knew that if it came to that, I would definitely be a Wolverine. But, I was stuck in Kentucky powerless to do anything. All we could do was pray, talk to each other, and be scared, sad, and mad.

As did most Americans, we did what we could. There was no way I could drive my car 1,000 miles to NYC to help. Most likely, I would be sent home and be kicked out of school. So, I did, and continue to do so, what I can do to make sure that 9-11 isn't just a bump in American history.

Every year I watch a 9-11 Documentary and every year I will help spread the word and spread the reminder of what we lost that day. Sadly, more and more people are tuning out their initial response to 9-11. People are forgetting. They are ignoring. They are letting 9-11-01 drift into historic obscurity.

We cannot forget. There are still empty chairs at dinner. There are holes in family trees. There are broken hearts still healing. There is a gaping hole in the middle of Manhattan that resembles the hole in America. We cannot forget the true meaning of what happened 5 years ago. Remembering is the best way to prevent it from happening again.

People ask for a national day of rememberance, a day of no work and no school. I think that is stupid.

9-11 should be the one day where attendance is 100%. As a nation, we should simply show up. Go to work. Go to school. Do what you normally should be doing. Attendance has to be 100%. The reason 9-11 happened was a bunch of renegade animals who have corrupted a peaceful religion decided to interfere with America and our daily lives. They wanted to scare us into our homes and scare us from going through our normal routine. So, in response to that, we should, as one nation UNDER GOD, show up. And, in one voice, tell those scum that we will not surrender, we will now cower to their cowardly attacks. We are Americans, dammit, and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop us.

About Me...And This Blog Site...

My name is David A. Ebert, the oldest of two siblings produced by my parents, Leah and David G. Ebert. We are all Republicans, but I take it a toke or two...well, closer to 10 tokes...further than my parents,

I am very much a Right Wing Conservative. I am a Reagan Conservative. I believe Americans, in general, are smarter than elected officials in Washington, DC. We should be more in charge than the Government.

We, as individuals and families, should have more responsibility over our own, hard-earned money and not send more and more and more taxes to the out-of-touch politicians. I believe the government is there to serve us, and not us to serve them.

I believe in America's greatness and that, overall, we are the most generous, forgiving, intelligent, and genuinely decent country in the world. I also believe that we are the most powerful nation in the history of the world, but do not use that power to hold over the collective heads of other nations.

I believe that low taxes, intelligent spending of those tax revenues, strong initiatives on defense and education, and small government influence on the day-to-day lives of Americans are some of the most important ideals related to how the US should be operated.I believe in the freedoms granted by the US Constitution. I believe that judges should uphold and interpret the laws as written in the US Constitution, and not refer to any foreign legislation to make their historic decisions.

I believe the First Amendment, as well as the entire Bill of Rights, are the most important laws this world has ever seen.

I believe abortion is WRONG. I believe that homosexuality is WRONG. I believe that allowing anyone to publicly debate the possibility of lowering the age of consent, especially for young boys to consent to older men, is a tragedy of morality. I believe that organizations like NAMBLA should be publicly shunned and not given a platform to spew their harmful and dangerous rhetoric.

I believe there is a sad lacking in the ability of our nation to appreciate and accept self responsibility. We, as a nation, blame daddy, racism, sexism, classism, mommy, the mean teacher, the mean little league coach, the loud mouthed uncle, the financial status of the neighborhood in which we grew up in, and a million and one other reasons why we do not succeed. How often do we, as a nation, take the blame for our own mistakes? How often do you hear someone accept responsibility for their own mistakes? How often?

I am conservative. I am worried about the future of the country and the planet, especially if O-BOMB-A or Billary Clinton make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will start posting my fears, my hopes, my ideas as they all relate to news and politics. I hope to open some eyes and change some opinions with my writings. Most of all, I hope you will read my words and be inspired to find the truth...and not rely on Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman or Katie Couric or Matt Lauer for your opinions. I hope you will break the mold and do something something that O-BOMB-A and Billary are afraid of you doing...


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