Monday, August 20, 2007

The Dr. Phil House Today

Normally, I wouldn't admit to watching Dr. Phil...but, I have to admit to it today due to the topic addressed.

Child molestation.

I was appalled at the story that today's show centered around. A loving family of a husband, wife, and beautiful little girl trusted the mother and father of the husband to be occasional babysitters. Sadly, that trust was tragically misplaced.

The young girl's grandfather sexually molested her and robbed her of her innocence at only age six. Just as tragic, when the six year old, knowing what happened was wrong, went to the wife of the molesting grandfather, (which is her grandmother, obviously), the grandmother tried to hide it.

The sick loser of a grandfather went to prison (a whopping eight hole months) and cannot be withing 300 yards of his granddaughter. However, the grandmother is only banned from the child at the parent's request.

As I sat there and watched the grandparents shirk any self-responsibility for the act and blame the devil and only say they were sorry, I was so disgusted. First, anyone who harms a child, especially in a sexual way, is a sick, twisted scum that deserves the worst possible punishments known to man (castration sure sounds fair). Harming a child warrants far more than 8 months in jail. Harming a child like that should be far more serverely punished than what it is in our country.

And we have special interest groups (all of whom vote Democrat!) who fight for the rights of the molesters. Fight to keep them out of jail. Fight the registered sex offenders list constantly. Fight to keep these sickos in mainstream society. Our society would rather punish the victim and celebrate the criminal. There is no real punishment a civilized society can give to child molesters, but I think what we do offer is severely lacking.

So, let this little blog serve warning. When I do have children, if anyone...and I mean ANYONE...harms them, molests them, or otherwise causes pain or suffering to my child, let me just say that that person would not live to see prison. I am not a violent man, wrestling notwithstanding, but you hurt my child, or if I find you hurting any other child, I will plant your sorry soul. How that father could sit calmly in the same room as his father after what he did to that little girl drives me nuts. You touch my, or any other kid that way, and they would have to pry my fingers from your lifeless throat.

About Me...And This Blog Site...

My name is David A. Ebert, the oldest of two siblings produced by my parents, Leah and David G. Ebert. We are all Republicans, but I take it a toke or two...well, closer to 10 tokes...further than my parents,

I am very much a Right Wing Conservative. I am a Reagan Conservative. I believe Americans, in general, are smarter than elected officials in Washington, DC. We should be more in charge than the Government.

We, as individuals and families, should have more responsibility over our own, hard-earned money and not send more and more and more taxes to the out-of-touch politicians. I believe the government is there to serve us, and not us to serve them.

I believe in America's greatness and that, overall, we are the most generous, forgiving, intelligent, and genuinely decent country in the world. I also believe that we are the most powerful nation in the history of the world, but do not use that power to hold over the collective heads of other nations.

I believe that low taxes, intelligent spending of those tax revenues, strong initiatives on defense and education, and small government influence on the day-to-day lives of Americans are some of the most important ideals related to how the US should be operated.I believe in the freedoms granted by the US Constitution. I believe that judges should uphold and interpret the laws as written in the US Constitution, and not refer to any foreign legislation to make their historic decisions.

I believe the First Amendment, as well as the entire Bill of Rights, are the most important laws this world has ever seen.

I believe abortion is WRONG. I believe that homosexuality is WRONG. I believe that allowing anyone to publicly debate the possibility of lowering the age of consent, especially for young boys to consent to older men, is a tragedy of morality. I believe that organizations like NAMBLA should be publicly shunned and not given a platform to spew their harmful and dangerous rhetoric.

I believe there is a sad lacking in the ability of our nation to appreciate and accept self responsibility. We, as a nation, blame daddy, racism, sexism, classism, mommy, the mean teacher, the mean little league coach, the loud mouthed uncle, the financial status of the neighborhood in which we grew up in, and a million and one other reasons why we do not succeed. How often do we, as a nation, take the blame for our own mistakes? How often do you hear someone accept responsibility for their own mistakes? How often?

I am conservative. I am worried about the future of the country and the planet, especially if O-BOMB-A or Billary Clinton make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will start posting my fears, my hopes, my ideas as they all relate to news and politics. I hope to open some eyes and change some opinions with my writings. Most of all, I hope you will read my words and be inspired to find the truth...and not rely on Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman or Katie Couric or Matt Lauer for your opinions. I hope you will break the mold and do something something that O-BOMB-A and Billary are afraid of you doing...


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