Saturday, November 8, 2008

Race in the Election

In my previous blog, I discussed the idea that Barack Obama was elected simply by the ideals of Affirmative Action.

Race was never an issue in the Democratic Primaries, nor in the National Race, until Obama, himself, or mouthpieces in the Democratic party, played the race card.

It truly saddens me that the first black president was elected in that manner. I hate that he was elected simply based on the color of his skin. Not one Obama voter truly took into consideration the content of Obama's character, for if they had, they might not have voted for him.

We do not know who Obama really is. He talked a great game for 2 years, but he will not be able to back it up. Not in the least.

Barack Obama will be a colossal failure as President of the United States of America.

That saddens me.

I love all people. I love blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics...all people. I want to support my black friends in their celebration of a Black President. I do.

However, I am sad for them. Barack Obama will be a failure. All of the celebration will be for naught when we enter another Great Depression, courtesy of Obama's tax hikes, and the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts. Spending will go through the roof, even higher than it is currently. Jobs will be lost in record numbers. Our very civilization could start flirting with complete and utter collapse over the next four years, if we do no get more conservatives in the House and Senate.

I know that Black people got on board with this exciting idea of finally getting the White House. I just wish they would have gotten behind someone with true leadership abilities, the political clout and capital to enact change, and the wisdom to part with popular ideas and forge ahead with what is right.

Instead, we have a man with no real successes in life other than running three successful campaigns, and writing two memoirs. We have a man that has never stood up to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. We have a man that has never said no to anyone in his party.

I truly wanted to see a Black President, someday. Just not this one. Just not someone who will be such a colossal failure. Just not someone who very well could ruin our country's economy and national security.

A friend of mine sent me a forwarded text that greatly offended me, and showed me even more how this election went to Obama for the wrong reasons. The text read, "They did not want to give us 40 acres and a we will take 50 states and a White House." It offended me because I had nothing to do with slavery, and I have always spoken against slavery. I had no hand in that mess, yet now, I have to have this taunt thrown in my face?

It saddens me that his election was solely about race. It was about throwing the first black guy in the White House that we could. Black people, whether you know it or not, in 4 years, you will be set back 20 years.

Friday, November 7, 2008

11-4-08...The Saddest Day in Black American History

In the 1960's, the honorable Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., marched and preached. He fought and tried to lead Black Americans to a better day and time. He wanted to lead Black America to a brighter, better future. As he said, he wanted people to be "judged by the content of their character," and not "by the color of their skin."

Sadly, since an assassin's bullet ended Dr. King's life, Black America has lost their way.

Black America has few Black Americans who are truly leading their culture. The only leaders in the Black Community who get respect are those that cow-tow and humble themselves at the alter of Liberal Whites.

Liberal Whites are concerned with Black people only at election time. They promote the idea that Blacks are unable to succeed in life only because of Conservative Whites. Liberal Whites use Black Americans that will spew the same nonsensical garbage that they are. Black people are only a tool that Liberals use to get power, then forget about until election time.

It is so sad the fact that a man like Dr. King was assassinated. I truly think his death hurt America, black and white, more deeply than we can fathom. I wish Dr. King had lived and young black people for the last 2 or 3 generations could have truly learned what this man was REALLY about.

Dr. King would not support an insulting measure like Affirmative Action. To him, a man that was about character and decency and work ethic, Affirmative Action, the idea that a person of color was given a position, job, or perk simply because of their color, and not based 100% on merit and success, Dr. King would have been appalled at the idea.

Affirmative Action cut the legs out from under so many good, hard-working black people, as well as people of different ethnicities. Affirmative Action helped re-solidify racial divides. So many whites felt, and quite a few justifiably-so, that their work and success was made worthless when a person of a different race was competing for the same thing. Furthermore, many blacks who did, in fact, clearly earn their spot were categorized as an "affirmative action" success, instead of being credited with earning the spot. Affirmative Action deleted so much of a hard-working African American's efforts.

Affirmative Action was the biggest insult to African Americans, and the Liberals and Democrats laughed all the way back to their offices in D.C.

Fast forward to 2008. This is the year the Civil Rights Movement took a big punch to the gut. This is the year a man was elected courtesy of Affirmative Action.

Barack Hussein Obama was not elected on merit, ability, or track record. He was not elected for having a real plan for bettering our country. Barack Hussein Obama did not EARN his way to becoming President of the United States.

He was given the job to meet an ugly quota.

No one on the Republican side of the ticket even hinted at the fact that Obama was different looking. They never even brought up his middle name. John McCain went over and above the normal call of duty to ensure that there were no possible way his campaign could be called racist.

The only people that wanted to make sure you knew he was black were Obama himself, and the rest of the Democratic Party. Black law makers from South Carolina to New York and California, and everywhere in between, made sure to point out that Barack was black. Black law makers in the south even called McCain and Sarah Palin racists and compared them to segregationalist George Wallace.

James Carville, among other leading Democratic/Liberal mouthpieces, threatened and warned of riots in the streets, should Obama lose. Black leaders said a vote against Obama was a vote for racism. Time and time again, the CLEAR message, from Barack and the Democrats, was that not voting for the black guy made you a racist.

I work with children for a living. The evidence of this ideal, that voting against Obama was a racially motivated act, came to me tonight at the mall. I was shopping with some of my youth, and one noticed a t-shirt, one that I would have purchased if I could find my size. The t-shirt read: Don't Blame Me...I voted for John McCain.

The youth I was standing with noticed the shirt, then remarked, "Oh, my gosh!!! This is terrible! Look at this really racist t-shirt! What a racist thing to say!"

The 8th grade boy, who is a red-headed white boy, was incensed that such a t-shirt was being sold. He truly believed that the shirt was racist.

This young boy got the message, even if adults refuse to acknowledge it.

Obama was elected because people were made to feel guilty, and feel that they HAD to vote for the guy simply because he was black, and they did not want to feel like a bigot.

Affirmative Action just elected us a President. When he fails, and he will fail, it will be the biggest setback to the Civil Rights Movement since Dr. King was killed.

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