Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Latest News...My Take

First and foremost on people's minds is the current state of the American and world economy. Everyone is in a panic and thinking that we are on the verge of a new depression. I say, "Calm down!"

John McCain was right. The fundamentals of our economy are still strong. However, some very big financial institutions were very careless in their pursuit of outlandish profits and personal gains of the suits in charge. Some of those suits that have personally gained from the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failures are include the very democrats pointing fingers at Bush. What people are not looking at is the fact that Barack Obama personally benefited from the two housing lenders' failures.

The bail-out of Freddie and Fannie, as well as AIG and the other companies being saved, will help keep our economy strong. While the bail-out will temporarily impact our tax budget, there is a real possibility that much of the $700 billion can be recouped, if not see a profit turned. If only we get the greedy democrats out of power.

Barack Obama and Chris Dodd and hundreds of other democrats personally pocketed millions of dollars from these institutions. Why don't they stand up and do the right thing and give back that shady money? Because it is easier to blame George Bush, the same practice that liberals have been doing since early 2002, when they first started blaming Bush for 9/11, and then it just continued from there.

This bail-out is, sadly, needed to prevent a deep recession, if not a complete depression. My hope is that America will elect McCain and McCain will let an economic whiz like Mitt Romney take charge of the economy.

Outside of that, we again are feeling even more pain at the gas pump. Why? We have no alternatives!!!!! We have no alternatives thanks to the do-nothing Democratic Congress. What happened to their promises of lowering energy costs? What happened to their promises of changing everything? They have done nothing! They went to break instead of voting on energy solutions. Nancy Pelosi forced the House of Representatives to summer recess instead of hearing Republicans who had requested floor time. She ordered the cameras off, the lights turned down, and the doors locked.

What kind of leader is this? She would rather go on vacation that do her job and find solutions for problems facing her constituents. And we are still painfully close to $4 a gallon with no hope in sight.

What has this heroic Democratic Congress done in two years? They were elected with promises of the sun, moon, and stars. They have done nothing of substance. They spent the first year of their time in power voting on non-binding resolutions to force withdrawal from Iraq. They have spent more time voting on resolutions that had as much legal power as a post-it note found on the floor of the Capitol Building than on finding solutions to American problems.

So, we have democrats with their hands in the crumbling cookie jar of Freddie and Fannie and Countrywide and all these other institutions. We have a do-nothing Democratic congress that has accomplished nothing, with the exception of a single-digit approval rating, setting historic records for disgust with accomplishment. Yet, sadly, nearly 50% of Americans support this same party?

Even worse, look at the kind of trash and low-life attacks that democrats are slinging at the McCain-Palin ticket. The left is not going on facts and issues, instead they are taking very mean-spirited, low, uncouth, dirty, disgraceful, and tasteless swipes at John McCain and Sarah Palin.

How many times do we have to hear that John McCain is going to die in office? The loud-mouths on "The View" implied and said it at least 6 times in the 30 minutes McCain was on their sofa. "God-forbid, something might happen to you..." McCain is a tough cat. He has smirked and walked-through and survived events and catastrophes that civilians could not fathom. Running the nation he has served for over 40 years will be a cakewalk compared to some of the travesties McCain has dealt with.

For a party that supposedly fights for women, they sure cannot handle a woman with a shot at the Vice Presidency. They constantly question Sarah Palin and her ability to be a family person and a VP. They never question a man, yet they attack a woman. Why? She is a conservative. If Sarah Palin was pro-choice and wanted to raise taxes and have government take over health care, these nut job feminazis would be 100% for her. Yet, because her fundamental beliefs are different, her gender is no longer worth promoting. And don't get me started on the complete garbage and classless attacks against Todd Palin and their children.

The children are not campaigning. They are CHILDREN, you sick, twisted, soul-less morons. We have left-wing media people and left-wing politicians who attack the Palin family on a daily basis. Charlie Rangel called Sarah Palin "disabled." Media have implied that Todd Palin is "doing those girls," referring to the Palin daughters. There are attacks out there claiming that Trig, the precious youngest Palin child, is actually the product of an incestuous relationship between Todd and the 15-year-old daughter.

Then there is Charlie Gibson with his very condescending attitude and disrespect for Sarah Palin. She handled it well, but Gibson was so rude and slanted in his interview with Palin. It is just part of a pattern of the left trying to tear her apart, not just politically, but personally.

I just hope, and I do have hope, that the rest of the country can see through the garbage. There are no real attacks on McCain's policies or Palin's strengths. Instead, there are personal attacks and attempts to personally destroy the children, who have nothing to do with the campaign.

So, people, please, see through the smoke and mirrors. Research and find the truth. If you think for yourself, and truly find the truth, you will have no choice but to vote the correct ticket come November 4.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

First and foremost, my thoughts go out to the people who's lives will be immeasurably impacted, changed, and lost in the coming weekend. I hope for the best possible outcome for the families who are being displaced by this storm, many of them on a permanent basis.

This storm is shaping up to be one of historic impact. I cannot put into words my fears for the people of Texas. There is no way to say something of encouragement when there is nothing to be done. It is cheesy and almost facetious, but I do sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in the next 72 hours.

The only thing to do is run. Evacuate. Get out. Find a new location to hunker-down until the skies clear and the waters recede. That is the only option for anyone in the path of this monstrous storm.

Sadly, and stupidly, despite the warnings, there are many people who are thumbing their noses at the National Weather Service, their concerned families, and the word of every official with a microphone. They will not get out. In fact, a bar called the "Poop Deck," which is located about 50 feet from the raging waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is full of partiers getting drunk and ignoring the coming storm. I do hope they survive, but their chances are very limited. Sadly, their ignorance may not only affect themselves, but might very well cause harm or death to first responders and emergency personnel who may have to save their stupid selves.

In cases such as these, perhaps it is time to follow the teachings that so many "educational leaders" want to teach in public schools. We should follow the teachings of the "Survival of the Fittest" and "Evolution." Perhaps, these people are the weakest and are not fit for survival. Why should we risk our limited and overworked EMS workers to save them after they put themselves in such danger? If they survive, praise be to God for sparing them, in spite of their ignorance. If they do not make it, they are the ones who took the risk, and got drunk, and stayed in harms way.

I know that is morbid to think, even more morbid to say publicly. However, I think it needs said. We always hear how evolution is the way, and that species move forward in the evolutionary cycle because only the fittest survive. Its time to put the money where their mouths are at.

I do not want any harm to come to anyone in Galveston, TX, or anywhere else for that matter. However, I have no sympathy for idiots who party and ignore warnings as issues by the NWS, who warned that those ignoring the evacuation pleas would face "Certain Death."

My next problem with Hurricane Ike is the gas stations today. Today in my little neck of the woods, we saw price gouging of historic proportions. Gas was hitting $5 and $6 today in anticipation of Ike. As high as gas was already, for them to gouge it so high BEFORE the storm, it is just ridiculous. I drove 1.5 hours round trip today to save $.75 a gallon before the trend swept all the way from Beckley to Wytheville, VA.

All I can say is: "Drill, Baby, Drill!!!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering What Today Is...

Each of the past six years, on the anniversary of September 11, 2001, I have posted a blog, either on MySpace, Xanga, or have written a newspaper column. In those columns, I have posted my support of the troops, President George W. Bush, the families and friends of victims of the attacks, and I have taken to pointing out the shortcomings of those that opposed President Bush in fighting the War of Terror.

I sit here, 7 years and 12 hours after the attacks commenced, and wonder. I wonder how different the world would be had the attacks never occurred. Where would we be? Would we be better off? Would we be worse?

We will never know, and there is no way to answer those sorts of questions. All we can do is play the hand we are dealt and hope to be able to guess what the other players are holding, and hope for what is yet to be dealt.

The hand we were dealt included a brutal attack on America and Americans, as well as many others representing nearly 100 other nations. That hand included a few, brief shining months of unity and respect for our own country, only to be followed by more division and vitriol than this country has ever had, including during the time of the civil war.

So, tonight, I only wish that the memories of the fallen might not be tarnished by continued hatred and anger and despisement of each other. I wish we would stop letting the TV tell us how to think. I wish we would continue to work for a better America by doing what is right, and not what sounds good in a 5 second soundbite.

WE cannot do that, though, because we have, overall, forgotten what happened in New York, PEnnsylvania, and Washington, D.C., that day. We have such ADD and a short term memory in this country. We have already blocked out and or forgotten everything this day means.

I ask...no, I plead with you, do not forget this day. Do not let the memories of the fallen go to waste. Remember the day. Remember the freedoms that those creatures tried to take away. Remember the fear they inflicted, and then do what you need to do IN SPITE of the fear and in spite of them.

America is such a wonderful, great country. We should not hurt our nation by forgetting the depth of the attacks on our country on 9-11-01.

In closing, I want to say thank you to the George W. Bush administration for not forgetting what 9-11-01 tried to take away from us, and making sure it did not happen again. I want to thank the men and women of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement who have worked tirelessly, and sacrificing everything, to keep our country safe from attacks. I want to thank the families and friends who lost so much on 9-11-01 for being strong, and for carrying on their lives, showing that America can be knocked down to one knee, but, by God, we will rise again.

God bless America.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lipstick of Doom

"The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull...Lipstick."

The famous, oft-repeated joke that Sarah Palin made in reference to herself, and other Alaskan hockey moms, at the Republican National Convention last week. The comment has been played, repeated, looped, and Youtubed a million times over. There is no way on Earth that his campaign did not hear and understand the comment.

Yet, Barack Obama, as he paused, stammerred, and "uh"-ed his way through a campaign stop in Virginia yesterday, he made a very snide remark and went below the belt on the McCain-Palin ticket.

His comment, which is an old saying, was that "You can put lipstick on a pig...{dramatic pause as he allows the crowd to 'get it' and laugh}...but it's still a pig."

For me, I have to conceed that it is in fact an old saying. However, his decision to use it, and then include the long pause for the crowd to get the joke, shows just how rattled he and his campaign really are.

There has been a 23 percentage-point swing in the last 10 days in a crucial area of Obama's demographic. Women, scorned by Obama being the nominee and then not even vetting or considering Hillary for his VP, are flocking to the energy, family-values, and inspiring story of Sarah Palin.

And Obama blatantly calls her a pig on the campaign stump.

For conversation's sake, let me pose this hypothetical, despite the fact that the likelihood of this being fact is minimal. Let's just say that Obama was not taking a swipe at Palin. Let's just say the "lipstick on a pig" comment was meant at face value and not a play on a largely famous comment from just one week prior. Let us say the comment is innocent in nature and not a swipe. Let's just say that.

So, now, we see just how poorly Barack Obama's judgement is working. Knowing the sensitive situation he is in with the way the media has lashed out and attacked Palin, he had to have known how his lipstick comment would be recieved. He HAD to have known that saying such a thing would be taken hard by many people. He HAD to have known.

Yet, he showed his typical poor judgement. The same poor judgement he used in choosing his pastor of 20 years. The same poor judgement in the people he has been closly associated with. The same poor judgement he used in talking about how the surge has been a failure. The same poor judgement, and possibly poor intelligence, he showed when talking about visiting the 56 or 57 states.

Either way, it shows the simple fact most people can already see, despite the attempts of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MTV, and the left-wing blogosphere to smear and destroy the Republicans, that Barack Obama does not have the judgement, intelligence, and leadership ability to lead our country.

He called Palin a pig. Plain and simple. He refuses to focus on the issues alone, instead he takes cheap, below-the-belt swipes at the VP candidate and not his opponent. He will not tell us his solutions, other than he won't repeat what George W. Bush has done. So, he calls the VP candidate a pig. Well, I think he just showed that he is a chicken.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Victory is within our grasp...and they cannot stand it!

Oprah, MSNBC, The New York Times, John Stewart, MTV, and anyone else who does not work at Fox News are all flustered over the new look of the campaign.

Barack Hussein Obama is spending his campaign time and money trying to attack the VICE Presidential Candidate from the other ticket. He is not focused on John McCain, but Sarah Palin.

Where is Joe Biden?

It's like the left wing media and all the crazy kool-aid drinkers in the Obama campaign (Actually, that is all one-in-the-same..) are pitting the lone gun Obama versus McCain and Palin. Biden does no factor in the match up at all right now.

Sarah Palin has changed the campaign, the Republican party, and our country. She is a woman of integrity, small-town values, work ethic, and family. She is the epitome of what the women's movement CLAIMED to be about, yet the so-called leaders of the women's movement are attacking Palin as well.

America is starting to wake up and smell the cow droppings. The country is starting to see how the media operates. We all see that true journalism is dead, with the exception of Bill O'Reilly, of course.

The democrats have given up on running on issues. They are running on the new platform of "Sarah Palin is bad news! We can prove it once we find the dirt!"

They attempted to destroy her family and drag a non-public figure into the muck. Oh, yeah, and that non-public figure is a 17-year-old girl dealing with the pressures of adolecence as well as an unplanned pregnancy. They could not beat Sarah Palin, a 44-year-old Governor, so they attempted to destroy Bristol Palin, a teenager.

Oprah is very disappointing, yet, at the same time, not a surprise. Oprah risked her reputation by becoming very supportive and vocal for Barack Obama. She allowed him two appearances on her show. The claim is that it was before he announced that he was going to run for President, but anyone with half a brain knew that the appearances on Oprah were to make him more of a household name for when he would announce.

So, Oprah denies Sarah Palin, a family and career woman, the brightest example of the success of feminism in the last 10 years, the chance to introduce herself to millions of women just like her. The interview could be geared away from politics and simply allow the world to meet Sarah Palin. Instead, Oprah took a weak way out of it and refuses to allow Sarah Palin the appearance until after the election.

Rush Limbaugh said it, and this is not a racist or biggoted statement. It is merely an observation. I agree with the assessment, and think it is worth mentioning. Oprah has obviously and publicly chosen her race over her gender. For nearly 30 years she has made billions of dollars by acting as a woman's woman, a leader for women everywhere. Her entire career is built on her being a proponent of women's issues. Her race never mattered because she was a woman who transcended all barriers. Yet, in the one time she gets involved in politics, she chooses her race over her gender in not bringing in Sarah Palin.

So, the attacks against Palin will continue for 60 days or so. She will be attacked and questioned harder and more unfairly than you can imagine...certainly with more viciousness and intensity than Barack Obama has eve faced. And she will do it with her shoulders and head held high, and a smile on her face.

On November 4, 2008, I will proudly cast my vote for McCain-Palin. Their campaign is one of issues and solutions. The others are on a campaign of character assassination, empty promises, and naieve wishes.

Friday, September 5, 2008

RNC v. DNC...Winners and Losers...

The 2008 Presidential Race is officially on and heading into the final laps.

We now know the players involved. Cue the announcer...

"To my left, in the Blue corner, with zero executive experience combined, Senators Barack Hussein Obama and Joe "Less Than 1% in the Primaries" Biden...

Their opponents, to my right, in the Red corner, with leadership, courage, and a country-first philisophy, Senator John McCain and Sarah "The Baracuda" Palin!"

Let us examine what we have learned from the two conventions.

From the Democratic National Convention we learned...


We learned about Barack Obama's incredible life story. The details of his time at Harvard. The amazing things he did as Community Organizer. There unbelievable accomplishments Obama reached as an Illinois State Senator. We learned of how Obama single-handedly enacted incredible change as a Senator representing Illinois in Washington.

Not so much.

All we learned is that the Democrats are still on message...the same message of 2004.

The message of the Democrats is George Bush is terrible, the Republicans are terrible the policies of the Republicans are terrible, the country is in terrible shape, and we will do different. They also claim to be the carriers of change and hope. Change. Change. Hope Hope. Change and hope. Bush sucks. Change and hope. Healthcare. Healthcare. Bush and the Republicans did not do enough. John McCain is not the answer. Change and Hope.

In 4 days of the national convention, with all of the voting public watchin, we learnd absolutely NOTHING new about Barack Obama or Joe Biden. They continued their hatred and vitriol against the Republicans, but that was it.

At no time did the Democrats explain how they are going to bring about change. They simply repeated the mantra over and over.

And still, they did not tell Obama's story. We know nothing about his Community Organizer experience. We know nothing of any accomplishments at Harvard, in the state Senate or in the US Senate. They had 4 days to tell the story of Barack Obama and show his qualifications, and they did nothing.

We saw Obama standing on a grandiose stage with huge Greek pillars as if he were on Mt. Olympus, speaking amongst the gods to the peasants. During his speech, he did not present the case for his qualifications to be Commander-in-Cheif.

This week, on the other hand, we learned the details of John McCain's life. For years, we heard brief mentions of his time in a POW camp in Hanoi. We heard generalized statements and empty comments about his time as a POW. We heard small snippets for years that barely scratched the surface of who John McCain is. Then, finally, for the benefit of America, the Republicans did John McCain, as well as the rest of the men and women involved in the Vietnam War due justice.

For four nights, we learned of the incredible pain, sacrifice, indignity, and torture that John McCain and his fellow POWs endured. He is a human being that went through superhuman trials and tribulation. He admitted, on Thursday night during his acceptance speech, that during one of his painful torture sessions, the evil captors that held McCain and his bretheren had broken McCain. Through morse code, tapping on the walls between cells, McCain and fellow soldiers reassured each other.

McCain, Fred Thompson, and the RNC all made sure to point out that the fact of his time as a POW does not in of itself make McCain qualified to be President. However, the character, strength, and love and pride of country he developed in those horrible 5 years do.

We learned the McCain story. We learned of how much hell...pure, unadulterated hell on earth...that this man suffered. Amazingly, 4 of the 5 years that he endured wound up occurring because of his honor and his choice to stay. He was offered a chance to go because of who his father was. However, he honored the pact that American soldiers kept with each other...First in, First out. He suffered brutality that would kill most men in an instant for four more years because he had the character and honor to keep a simple pact with his brothers.

We learned that his character and strong resolve have made him a warrior in the US Congress, as he has fought for nearly 3 decades to slow the growth of government, slow the spending of government, lower taxes, and make America a better place.

We also learned of Sarah Palin's efforts to fight corruption and her other remarkable successes as a Governor. Sarah Palin introduced her family to America, and anyone with a decent heart and soul could see the love, adoration, and pride the Palin famiy shares. Sarah Palin is not an elite, rich, media-driven, poll-driven, politician. She is a real woman, from a real small town, with real small-town values and morals, with a real family who has overcome real life. Basically, Sarah Palin is REAL. She is smart, funny, hard working, and dedicated to America and serving her country.

The differences in the Democratic convention and the Republican convention should be undeniable and unmistakeable.

We learned nothing and there was no attempt to convince us of the qualifications of the Democratic ticket. We know nothing of Obama and Biden as men and as politicians. We should just take their empty words as the gospel and trust in their promises of change. We cannot question them for a definition of the change. We just have to know that they will bring change and take their word for it, asking nothing more.

In the Republican convention, we learned the life stories of the two people on the ticket. We learned of their experience. We learned of their morals and character. We learned not only why we should not vote for Obama, but also why we SHOULD vote for McCain-Palin.

Not only that, but also the mood and atmosphere of the conventions were so different, it was amazing.

At the DNC, there was a hatred, a level of vitriol that could be cut with a knife by folks watching at home. There was anger and disdain. The cheers were done in spite against Republicans. There was not a celebration, it was almost as if it were an angry mob with no real ideals, goals, or objectives, other than destroying the enemy.

At the RNC, there was an unbelievable level of pride, not only in party, but, more importantly, in Country. Pride in being a part of the nomination and election process. Then, as President George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Rudy Guiliani, Joe Liberman, and Sarah Palin came out to tell McCain's life story, there were amazing levels of reverance and respect and pride combined into a huge celebration. There was such a higher, lighter, happier mood and atmosphere at the RNC. You could enjoy and celebrate the RNC.

I hope more people, especially those open-minded independents, who saw the RNC and came away with the same level of respect and adoration for McCain. I never knew how much he went through for this country. The RNC educated me. I will happily cast my vote for the Maverick Ticket on November 4.

I hope you will join me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Unfair Fight That Should Unify Conservatives, Women, and Mothers

Here is the situation.

On one side, you have the wife of a presidential candidate actively campaigning, speaking at rallies, and regularly sticking her foot in her mouth by making snide remarks about her country. This woman has called America a "mean" country. She said that the fact that her husband's ability to run for and win a party's nomination for president makes her "proud of [her] country" for the first time. She is an active member of the campaign. She is a campaign spokesperson. Yet, she is beyond reproach. Any questions about her are low-brow, below the belt, low class, and just plain wrong.

On the other side, you have a woman who has accepted the nomination to be her party's Vice President. Her family appears with her at times, but they do not speak. They are not involved in the campaign. They are her family, a separate part of her life. Her husband does not take the stump for her. Her children are not speaking at the national convention. Yet, all of the left-wing media, from the 5,000 failing NBC channels to CNN to ABC to MSN.com to Yahoo.com, all of them are attacking her family, the brunt of the attack focused on a teenage girl.

This campaign has gotten out of hand. I can deal with the media being so obviously biased for Barack Obama. I can live with their 10 times more favorable coverage of Hussein Obama. I can live with the rockstar-like coverage of his field trip to the middle east and Europe. I can even deal with the fact non of his left-wing media friends, and he has a lot, questioned his skipping out on meeting with injured troops in Germany. I can live with all the attacks against McCain or Sarah Palin. I can live with being called racist for not liking Obama, even though his ethnicity has no bearing whatsoever on my dislike.

However, I have a serious, serious problem with attacking a seventeen year-old girl. I have a serious issue with attacks against a teenager who has made a mistake that millions of teens have done, a mistake celebrated and encouraged by most people on the same side that are now attacking her. I have a serious problem with these irresponsible media folks attacking an innocent family for something that has zero bearing on the campaign.

It is just another sad example of how Obama is not qualified to be President. At no point in the 2008 election has Obama shown and outlined his qualifications. He cannot and will not run on the issues. He knows it. The democrats know it. The media knows it. So, they have to run attacks and smears like going after a pregnant teenager.

Pre-marital and unprotected sex are not things I endorse. I am sure Sarah Palin and her husband did not endorse nor encourage their 17-year-old to practice those type of things. However, she is a teen. Teens make mistakes. Teens think they know it all and do things they might later regret. It happens. Yet this teen and her family are united. They are supporting the teen who has opted to keep the baby. She plans to wed the father of the baby. There are far greater errors in judgement teens can make.

How low-brow is it to attack a family and embarrass, hurt, and psychologically scar a 17-year-old girl? How is this okay, yet to question Michelle Obama and her slightly anti-American comments a travesty of travesties?

How can you people sleep at night?

I like Sarah Palin. Her resume might be a little on the thin side, yet she has more executive, decision-making experience than Barack Obama. She has stuck her neck out an enabled change in a short time in the Governor's Office in Juneau, Alaska. She has a track record. She has a policy-based platform to run on as Vice President. She offers more qualifications and experience than Obama, who is running to be President. She is strong, smart, of high morals, and will bring change to Washington. She is a no-nonsense person who will fight for what is right, not what is popular.

She also offers the answer to many Hillary supporters. Those voters, especially many of the women voters, are upset that Obama is in and Hillary did not even get considered to be on the ticket as Vice President. Sarah Palin scares the Democrats. She, like McCain, cannot be defeated on issues.

So, what can they do?

Attack her 17-year-old daughter.

Way to go.

About Me...And This Blog Site...

My name is David A. Ebert, the oldest of two siblings produced by my parents, Leah and David G. Ebert. We are all Republicans, but I take it a toke or two...well, closer to 10 tokes...further than my parents,

I am very much a Right Wing Conservative. I am a Reagan Conservative. I believe Americans, in general, are smarter than elected officials in Washington, DC. We should be more in charge than the Government.

We, as individuals and families, should have more responsibility over our own, hard-earned money and not send more and more and more taxes to the out-of-touch politicians. I believe the government is there to serve us, and not us to serve them.

I believe in America's greatness and that, overall, we are the most generous, forgiving, intelligent, and genuinely decent country in the world. I also believe that we are the most powerful nation in the history of the world, but do not use that power to hold over the collective heads of other nations.

I believe that low taxes, intelligent spending of those tax revenues, strong initiatives on defense and education, and small government influence on the day-to-day lives of Americans are some of the most important ideals related to how the US should be operated.I believe in the freedoms granted by the US Constitution. I believe that judges should uphold and interpret the laws as written in the US Constitution, and not refer to any foreign legislation to make their historic decisions.

I believe the First Amendment, as well as the entire Bill of Rights, are the most important laws this world has ever seen.

I believe abortion is WRONG. I believe that homosexuality is WRONG. I believe that allowing anyone to publicly debate the possibility of lowering the age of consent, especially for young boys to consent to older men, is a tragedy of morality. I believe that organizations like NAMBLA should be publicly shunned and not given a platform to spew their harmful and dangerous rhetoric.

I believe there is a sad lacking in the ability of our nation to appreciate and accept self responsibility. We, as a nation, blame daddy, racism, sexism, classism, mommy, the mean teacher, the mean little league coach, the loud mouthed uncle, the financial status of the neighborhood in which we grew up in, and a million and one other reasons why we do not succeed. How often do we, as a nation, take the blame for our own mistakes? How often do you hear someone accept responsibility for their own mistakes? How often?

I am conservative. I am worried about the future of the country and the planet, especially if O-BOMB-A or Billary Clinton make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will start posting my fears, my hopes, my ideas as they all relate to news and politics. I hope to open some eyes and change some opinions with my writings. Most of all, I hope you will read my words and be inspired to find the truth...and not rely on Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman or Katie Couric or Matt Lauer for your opinions. I hope you will break the mold and do something unreal...unexpected...do something that O-BOMB-A and Billary are afraid of you doing...


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