Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Audacity of Hope, Change, and Lies.

Do you get what is happening in D.C. this week? Other than the massive snow storm, which may very well be God's divine intervention to tell America to slow the heck down, Congress might be well on its way to killing America, once and for all.

Yeah, some of you think that idea is extreme and irresponsible. I know some nay-sayers think that an American Congress cannot possibly be THAT bad. You shrug with a hint of apathy and dismiss my claims as an overreaction and underestimation. I wish I could get those nay-sayers to open your eyes, ears, and minds. It is time to wake up and see where we are heading.

In an unheard of act of desperation and recklessness, Harry Reid is going to force the US Congress to vote on Health Care on CHRISTMAS EVE. The bill on which they are voting will not even be made available to the floor to read until December 23, at the earliest, with Reid holding the final amendments and revisions in his back pocket until the last second. No one knows for sure what will be voted on, specifically, just that Reid and Obama call it health care reform.

Obama ran on creating a new environment in Washington, DC, yet this past year has shown to be full of more of the same partisan, closed meeting, back-room politics that hte Democrats have made careers out of. There is no semblance of the transparency Obama PROMISED throughout his campaign. Not even a smidgen of a hint of a vague essence of a crumb of transparency. Instead, most of what is being voted on has yet to see light of day, and definitely has not been read by the 60 Dems in Congress, the 40 Republicans, and certainly not the public.

As a cab driver the last month, I have driven many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. The uncertainty of what is REALLY in the bill, as well as what has been said to be in the bill, scares the heck out of EVERY ONE OF THEM. I estimate I have driven 25 medical professionals, maybe more, but no a single person is in support of this idea. Oh, and did I mention, I drive a cab in the CHICAGO metro area? You know, the liberal bastion home of Obama, Blago, and Richard Daley? So, if this is such a sweeping, necessary, positive change for the country and the health care system, why can I not find a single medical professional that likes what is happening in DC? Not one!

Let's break down the logic of what we do know is in the bill.

In 10 years, it is scheduled to be deficit neutral. They have not said it is going to be efficient, lower costs to tax payers, nor have they said what will happen in 11, 12, or 13 years. What they have said is that in 10 years, this plan will be deficit neutral, meaning that in the decade following its approval, the plan itself will not add to the national deficit. OK, that might well be true. But here is the trick. For four years, the program will raise taxes, cut Medicare, cut Medicaid, and raise taxes, and raise taxes. And raise taxes. So, as long as everyone doesn't mind paying 60% federal taxes, and can manage to keep their incomes the same for four years, the program will build a stockpile of cash. THEN...and only then...after four years of saving the money from the increased taxes, something the Democrats are historically TERRIFIC at (see Social Security, Medicare funding...), then we will see the gradual implementation of all the wonderful programs and benefits of the plan.

So, yeah, if no one else loses a high paying job and can afford the weight of the ever increasing taxes forthcoming, and somehow doctors already hurting from the current low reimbursements, only to go lower with this bill, from public aid...yeah, this might be deficit neutral in 10 years. But, what happens when the stockpile of cash runs out? Hmmm?

In addition, the main cry from the left is the lack of people covered currently. This is the #1 reason to completely destroy, I mean reform, health care. Yet, even in 10 years, when all the new bureaucracies are in full force and the plan is completely up and spending, I mean running, there will still be millions not covered. Even the people supporting the bill will admit this point.

Huh? I thought that was the hole point, to cover EVERYONE?

Oh, I know...details, details...

I touched on it earlier, but I do want to go further in-depth on the Medicare cuts.

First of all, Medicare was one of those trust-funds, supposedly put into a lock box for those who have paid into the system, and need assistance in their later years. It was these same type of liberal wackos that took bolt cutters to the lock box, put the funds into the general spending funds, and have put Medicare on the route to bankruptcy in the next 20-30 years. This is only expedited by the fact that liberals willingly give yours and mine tax dollars and Medicare benefits to illegals and immigrants who have not paid a damn dime into the system.

Second, in order to stretch the increasingly depleting funds, Democrats keep cutting Medicare reimbursements over and over again. Remember when George W. Bush got blamed for cutting Medicare? Yeah, that was a budget cut voted on and signed into action by the Clinton administration 2 years prior. Was not Bush, so stop blaming Republicans for killing Grandma. Democrats cut the reimbursement this year, too. Some of you might shrug and dismiss thinking, "Doctors and Hospitals make a killing, so who cares?"

They make a killing off of the insured and the self-payers to compensate for the losses suffered due to public aid payments. Whereas an insured person pays a co-pay and has a deductible to pay when procedures eclipse the coverage, by law Doctors and Hospitals have to eat the costs incurred when the government decides that they only want to pay "X" number of dollars for a procedure. You have to think and understand, nurses, staff, building maintenance, equipment, materials, supplies, malpractice insurance, drugs, needles, and all the other things a Doctor or Hospital need...well, they all cost money. And remember, your average ER or Family Practice Doctor is not nearly as rich as you might think. They do well, but are making somewhere near the upper levels of upper middle class, and not always bringing in $250K and up.

For those of you that don't get it still, the liberals are calling you stupid. They are ignoring the majority and forcing a bill down our collective throats that will only kill jobs, kill people, and kill the economy. It is not about reforming health care to better America, its reforming us to control us. They think we are too stupid to have our own money, so they have to take it because they know better how to spend our money.

If this passes and we sit idly by and let this disaster grab hold, we will have allowed the coming end of freedom, economic independence, political independence, and the United States of America. We are at the edge. This Health Care travesty is a turning point. Either we stop it now and give ourselves a chance to survive, or we let it go through, and watch as America becomes a shell of itself.

If this passes unchecked, we will collapse. We will see another great depression. We will see so much poverty, hunger, illness, and suffering, I have a legitimate fear we could break down into a second civil war. Am I being too extreme? I don't think I am. Perhaps, if Obama had kept his word on ANYTHING, and the Democrats in Congress weren't so secretive, I might have hope this won't be as bad as some fear. However, I have NEVER, in my 28 years, heard of a 2,500 page contract being signed without proper vetting, signed in a hurry, that wasn't a tragic mistake. Have you?

Would you sign a 10-year lease on a vehicle not knowing the costs of the vehicle's maintenance? Not knowing for sure what your payments for the lease will be? Would you gamble your family's future like that? I would hope not.

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